PXL-Music is a three-year course to become a professional bachelor in pop and rock music. It contains all the elements of the contemporary pop and rock world: Courage, innovation, coincidence, the play with the moment, insight, feeling, boundlessness, history, spirit… in short: rock ’n roll. These are keywords that resonate though all layers of our course. Our teachers, students, alumni, the environment and the air: they are filled with this attitude to life. The world of pop music is a world of experience. It’s the beginning and the end. Everything in between is the construction and handling of it. This means volatility, playing with the moment, responding to possibilities, externalizing a feeling into a sound, ambience, pleasure. A pleasure that is made of knwoledge and skill. A pleasure that grows and explores the world.
PXL-Music is:
Gert Stinckens (head of departement)
Frederic Busscher (popcoach music management)
Gert Decoster (popcoach music)
Stijn Segers (communication)
Davina Vanduren (administration)
Isabelle Pavone (administration)
Alessio Dituri (logistics)
Mieke Boes (student tutor)
Mirko Banovic, Dienne Bogaerts, Marc Bonne, Fréderic Busscher, Stef Caers, Adriano Cominotto, Jelle Coremans, Davy Deckmijn, Peter Decuypere, Michiel Deflem, Igor Dockx, Frank Duchêne, Rodrigo Fuentealba Palavicino, Danielle Gielen, Sara Gilis, John Hellinx, Arnout Hellofs, Filip Heurckmans, Peter Houben, Dis Huyghe, Gert Keunen, Jonas Kiesekoms, Annemie Knaepen, Wim Konings, Erik Loots, Steven Maes, Jo Mahieu, Peter Mestach, Stefaan Moriau, Jan Pauly, Werner Pensaert, David Poltrock, Nicolas Rombouts, Wim Schreurs, Stijn Segers, Patrick Steenaerts, Marc Steens, Nii Van den Eynde, Arne Van Petegem, Bram Vanderweeen, Edward Vanmarsenille, Stijn Verdonckt, Micha Volders, Antoon Walgrave, Luc Weytjens
PXL-Music Research:
Jonas Kiesekoms (coordinator)
You can find more information on PXL-Music (in Dutch) here.