PXL-Music International

PXL-Music is a public music college with a bachelor program in pop and rock music. At PXL-Music, you can study music management, music performance, and music engineering (live/studio).

Our dedicated campus has recording studios relevant analogue and digital gear, rehearsal rooms as well as regular classrooms. We have a admissions procedure for full time students. For shorter periods, we can welcome exchange students from other institutes.


Admissions procedure


#1 Creative Portfolio (PDF): A personal statement in which you describe your experience, ambitions, and skills to the college admissions staff. State your previous education.

#2 (Online) Test

#3 Interview

Where: Bootstraat 11, Hasselt
Contact: frank.duchene@pxl.be


Exchange Course programme


For whom? International exchange students in pop & rock music, on bachelor level. Students should have completed two years (120 ECTS) of music studies at a bachelor level before arrival.

Have a look at the exchange course programme for Music here.