Fields of study

Since 2008, PXL-Music organises the three-year course Professional Bachelor in Pop and Rock Music, which trains you to become a professional musician, music manager or music technician.

The musician: an enterprising creative

The musical landscape is pluralist and eclectic and the musician is a musical centipede: he is a songwriter, a performer, an entertainer, a music freak, someone with passion who breathes pop and rock music. He is creative with music and with his own instrument in a live and a studio environment. He takes the stage and enchants the audience. He moves around in the everchanging world of pop and rock music, without blinders. His knowledge reaches beyond his instrument. He knows the music world and its history, masters elementary recording techniques and can use software. In addition, the musician manages his career and permanently moves around in the national and international pop and rock world. The rise of new technologies and media transformed the musician into an allrounder. His future is a mixed professional practice. He knows the other players in the music industry and collaborates effortlessly with music managers and music technicians. His area of activity is not limited to music.

More information on the course, the programme and the admission test (in Dutch) can be found here.

The music manager: a creative entrepeneur

The music manager organises the musical world. He initiates projects and supports creative people in social, economical, administrative and communication issues. The music manager is a creative entrepeneur who deploys visions and creates opportunities. His mindset is dynamic and observant. He knows what it means to be a musician or a music technician and is aware of the world he is moving through. He experiments and develops creative concepts – independently or in team – and launches them on an international consuming market. He tunes his concept to the needs of his target audience. His perspective is broad, he scans for new developments in the industry. The employment of the music manager is wide-ranging: booker, band manager, employee in a record company, publisher, artistic or production employee in a concert setting, cultural centres, youth centres, music education organisations…

More information on the course, the programme and the admission test (in Dutch) can be found here.

The music technician: the creative version of a sound technician

The music technician is a creative sound technician. His universe is not limited to connecting a microphone and a speaker. He moves in the space between the instrument and the ear. He is a band member behind the scenes. He knows where the musician wants to go and helps him find the best route. He knows how to move in the world of music with musicians and managers. He knows how to optimise an act on stage or in a studio. He is a stand-alone professional who amplifies the creativity and craftsmanship of others through his own technical knowledge of sound and music. He has a broad knowledge of music gear and international standards. He is a guide through the technical jungle of the modern production process. We define two very different profiles: the live PA technician and the studio technician.

More information on the course, the programme and the admission test (in Dutch) can be found here.