Altersonic 2018: bands on the run!

On 19th January 2018 Belgian bands Linde and Portland went up north to represent PXL-Music at the Altersonic Festival in Groningen. Altersonic is an independent sideshow at the Eurosonic Showcase Festival set up by Pinguin Radio. PXL-Music hosted one stage together with the Dutch pop platform Pop In Limburg and the German Pop NRW. PXL-Music Management students Kirsten Kramer and Andries Dedeurwaerder took care of the production for both bands and PXL-Music Tech student Viktor Jacobs acted as mixing engineer for the stage.






Linde are PXL-Music student Linde Muylaert and PXL-Music alumnus Jeroen Huyzentruyt. They combine folk elements with traditional Mongolian vocal music.



Portland are PXL-Music students Sarah Pepels and Arno De Bock and PXL-Music alumni Jente Pironet and Gill Princen. They make dreamy pop and were selected by Studio Brussel for their De Nieuwe Lichting 2018.



The Altersonic Showcase took place at De Drie Gezusters, a strange labyrinth of bars and stages in the heart of Groningen.