GLOED 2019

On December 17 2019 the third grade music students presented the band projects Melchior, Ringer, Marionet and Stitches in culture centre MUZE (Heusden-Zolder, Belgium) under the title of GLOED.

Musicians Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger, Noordkaap, Monza), Thomas Vanelslander (K’s Choice, Gorki, Helsinki, Hannelore Bedert, Raymond van het Groenewoud) and Mattias Decraene (Nordmann, MDCIII) supported them live as special guest.

Added to the lineup were Wayfare (a band project from second grade students) , Hhekla (an alumni project) and DJ Discohans (Music student Hanne Smets).

GLOED Lineup
Melchior x Thomas Vanelslander
MARIONET x Mario Goossens

GLOED is a collaboration between PXL-Music, CC MUZE and CVO De Verdieping, took place in De Warmste Week and was organised for the charity projects MUSIC FUND and Vzw De Droomboom.