PXL-Music Experimental Laptop Orchestra Networked Improvisation

The PXL-Music Experimental Laptop Orchestra (PELO) consists of students music and music technics from the course Soundlab Multimedia. In the Corona haunted academic year 2019-2020 they each developed a laptopinstrument using Max, Arduino and hardware controllers. The students improvised with these instruments from a distance using a network connection on May 22nd 2020. The only visual connection they had during the performance was an abstract visual score.

Rewatch the stream of the concert and the scrolling score on Youtube.

Musicians (with their laptop instrument):
Cis De Gendt (Cizzle)
Lukas Antipoff (19019 Percussion synthesizer)
Nick Caers (Bass Snare)
Sam De Nef (Twijfelaartje)
Hanne Verbiest (LocalVooper)
Quinten Godts (Theremidi)
Mathijs Deschampelaere (The Bird Box)
Tanguy Haers (Stutter)

Network connection, streaming and recording:
Rob Van Langenhove
Jan Asnong