Course / Projects

Time is on my side, yes it is.

On December 10th the third grade students of Studio set up an exhibition with sound installations in the building of PXL-Music. Central theme: time.

Rint Mennes — I’m gonna take my horse to the old time road

In a four hour performance, Rint Mennes produced live foley with two coconuts to a video of him riding a horse.

Xin Van Damme — Life A Sensuous Dream

Xin Van Damme made a new immersive soundtrack for an old school video game.

Pim Gombeer — De klok van Opa

Pim Gombeer interviewed his grandfather about his clock and combined a video of the interview and the clock in an intriguing installation pushed by time.

Ruben Brems — Altijd aanwezige geluidsvervuiling gecreëerd door een simpele handeling geprojecteerd op haar creator

Ruben Brems made an interactive painting installation with a sensitive canvas that translates the movement of the brushes to sound and builds a complex soundscape over time.

Miel Vandervelde — Global Warming

Miel Vandervelde gave global warming a voice in an audiovisual installation with a melting block of ice and a sound sensitive pond.

Vlad Suhodolski — взгляд в прошлое

Vlad Suhodolski reconstructed his youth in an interactive installation with real objects and augmented reality.

José Antonio Montaño — A Day In Life

José Antonio Montaño made the public listen to different moments of a day in his life.