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Where Is Charlotte Adigéry Now?

Summer of 2018. Charlotte Adigéry is working on new songs in the magic setting of the Swingboerderie in Zarlardinge, Flanders, Belgium.



Charlotte is the mastermind behind and leading lady of WWWater. With this project she graduated from PXL-Music as a musician in 2016.



2017. Charlotte is taken aboard by the Dewaele brothers (Soulwax, 2manydjs), contributes to the soundtrack for Belgica and is allowed to release an EP on the DeeWee label of the brothers Dewaele.

February 2019. Charlotte releases her second EP Zandoli on the label of the Dewaele broers, containing the infectious single Paténipat, based upon the Carribean mnemonic “zandoli paténipat”.


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